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The admission to the school, for both boys and girls, in classes other than those specified by the “Honorable Supreme Court” will be through Entrance Test. The School is open for students without any discrimination. WE ARE, SOMETIMES FORCED TO DENY ADMISSION MOSTLY DUE TO THE LIMITATIONS OF NUMBER OF SEATS AVAILABLE. Recommendations and pressure tactics of any kind disqualifies admissions.

(A) Registration: Registration is open. The forms should be obtained from the school office or can be downloaded from the net. The forms, duly completed in all respect, should be submitted to school office with the all documents as prescribed.

(B) Admission to Nursery Classes
1. Eligible Age : Minimum Age 3+ as on 31st March 2014
2.Interview/Identification: The interview date and time are intimated at the time of submitting the duly filled forms. During the interview no academic tests are held. Interview is held for the identification of candidate and guardians and is more for security reasons than anything else.

(C) Admission to KG and Above Classes
1. Eligible Age:Minimum Age 4+ as on 31st March 2014 for KG. Add 01 year for each subsequent class.
2. Interview/Admission Test:The admission for both boys and girls to the school in classes other than those specified by the “Honorable Supreme Court” will be through Entrance Test. The interview/admission test date and time are intimated at the time of submitting the duly filled forms.

(D) Documentation: Documents required at the time of admission
An attested copy of the date of birth certificate from the Municipality or certificate from the hospital issued at the time of birth.

Neither Affidavit nor kundli of date of birth is acceptable. Change of date of birth will not be entertained later.

1. Transfer Certificate(TC) from and/or the Migration Certificate from the last school attended, for higher classes.

2. No pupil will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the last school attended and in no case shall a scholar be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.

2. The transfer certificates (T.C.) of a pupil coming from a school outside Haryana State must be counter-signed by the education authorities of the respective education board, in which the school is situated.

3. A pupil joining school for the first time must produce satisfactory evidence of his date of birth, such as an extract from the municipal or village records or a birth certificate.

4. Identity proof and proof of residence of the parents.

(E) General Rules

1. In the case of late admission of a pupil, the fee from the beginning of the first term shall be charged.

2. Every application for a T.C. shall be made in writing by the parent or guardian.

3. A transfer certificate (T.C.) will not be issued, until all the dues are cleared.

4. A fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged for a transfer certificate and this will be issued only 7 days after receipt of an application. Certificate from the school office can be obtained with fee if an application is made to this effect seven days in advance.

5. A month's notice in writing is required, before a pupil can be withdrawn. In lieu of such a notice, a full additional month's fee will be charged. No notice is accepted during the school vacation and in case of a withdrawal at this time, the fee must be paid up to the end of the term

6. The interpretation of any rule rests solely and entirely with the school management committee of the school. Their interpretation and decision is final